Who are we?

Zeus is a groundbreaking alternative to traditional app stores, offering a platform for sideloading diverse applications onto your device. We believe in the power of choice and the freedom to explore beyond conventional boundaries.

Our vision

Our vision is to transcend the limitations set by stringent app store policies. We aim to provide unrestricted access to an extensive range of applications, including emulators, enhanced apps, and even games like Fortnite using ReKairos.

Our Values

Respect for Intellectual Property

At Zeus, we uphold the highest ethical standards. While we champion freedom, we also respect the rights of creators. We strictly refrain from piracy, ensuring a fair and ethical digital environment.


We value our users' voices. We encourage a culture of dynamic content addition and welcome suggestions for new apps or improvements. Your input directly influences the evolution of our platform.

Supportive Community

We pride ourselves on our active and responsive community. Join our Discord server for any assistance you might need. Our community is always ready to help, making your Zeus experience smooth and enjoyable.

Join Us

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